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Fillers Fadeaway: Where Does It Go?


The world of dermal fillers offers a tempting solution for restoring lost volume, smoothing
wrinkles, and enhancing facial features. But with this appeal comes a common question:
what happens to the filler once you decide you no longer want it? Let’s delve into the
science behind dissolving fillers and answer the intriguing question – where does it all

Understanding Dermal Fillers:

Dermal fillers are injectable substances that add volume and definition to specific areas
of the face. Different types of fillers exist, each with varying compositions and longevity.
The most common fillers include:
● Hyaluronic acid (HA): This naturally-occurring sugar molecule attracts and binds
water, providing temporary plumping and hydration.
● Calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA): This biocompatible material stimulates collagen
production, offering longer-lasting results.
● Poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA): This synthetic material also stimulates collagen
production, providing long-term volume restoration.

The Dissolving Process: Hyaluronic Acid Takes Center Stage

Although different types of fillers exist, hyaluronic acid is the only one readily dissolved
within the body. This is because HA is naturally found in the skin and readily breaks
down over time. The magic bullet for dissolving HA fillers is an enzyme called

Hyaluronidase: The Dissolving Hero

Hyaluronidase is a naturally occurring enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid
molecules. When injected into the area with the unwanted filler, hyaluronidase works its
magic by:
● Breaking down HA bonds: It cleaves the chemical bonds holding HA molecules
together, essentially dissolving the filler.
● Encouraging absorption: The broken-down HA fragments are then absorbed by
the body through natural metabolic processes.

The Farewell of the Filler: What to Expect

The dissolving process with hyaluronidase is typically a quick in-office procedure. Here’s
what you can expect:
● Consultation: Discuss your desire for filler removal with your doctor. They’ll
assess the type of filler used and determine the appropriate treatment plan.
● Injection: Hyaluronidase is injected into the area with the unwanted filler.
● Massage: Gentle massage may be performed to help distribute the enzyme and
expedite the dissolving process.
● Results: Depending on the amount of filler and the individual’s body, results may
be noticeable immediately or within a few days.
● Potential Side Effects: Similar to filler injections, some temporary side effects like
swelling, redness, or tenderness can occur at the injection site.

What About Non-HA Fillers?

For fillers other than hyaluronic acid, the dissolving process is different. These fillers
typically require a different approach, such as surgical removal or specific dissolving
agents depending on the material. It’s crucial to consult a doctor experienced with
removing the specific type of filler used in your case.

Important Considerations:

Here are some key things to keep in mind about dissolving fillers:
● Dissolving is Temporary: Hyaluronidase won’t prevent the body from naturally
breaking down remaining filler over time. Touch-up appointments may be needed
to maintain desired results.
● Experience Matters: Choose a qualified and experienced healthcare professional
skilled in both filler injections and dissolving treatments.
● Realistic Expectations: Understand that dissolving fillers isn’t always an exact
science. The process may require multiple sessions to achieve optimal results.

Embrace your skin’s journey with confidence. Let Younger You Aesthetics celebrate and enhance your unique beauty.

The Final Verdict: A Safe and Effective Option

Dissolving dermal fillers, particularly hyaluronic acid-based ones, offer a safe and
effective way to remove unwanted products. With the help of hyaluronidase, you can
regain control over your appearance and pursue alternative treatments if desired.
Remember, open communication with your doctor is key to a successful and satisfying
filler-dissolving experience.

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